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‘Huge and Meaningful Victory for Women and Families’ as Senate Rejects ‘Appalling’ Bill that Would Have Jeopardized Health and Economic Security of Millions

“Last night, by the slimmest of majorities, the United States Senate rejected appalling legislation that would have caused millions of people to lose their health coverage in the next year, caused premiums to skyrocket, and defunded Planned Parenthood, denying millions of people the access to essential preventive health care they need. Like the health care repeal bill the House passed in May, the repeal bill the Senate rejected was callous, mean-spirited and irresponsible. It is sobering that 49 senators were willing to support this bill, which would have caused terrible harm to their constituents and the country.

Last night’s vote is a rejection of the shamefully secretive process Senate leaders used, as well as a huge and meaningful victory for the health and economic security of our country’s women and families. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has been the greatest advance for women’s health in a generation. Repealing it would have caused a crisis in our country.

We now look to all members of Congress to end the baseless attacks on the ACA and instead work together, across the aisle, to improve marketplace stability and make quality, affordable coverage available to all.”

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