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Institute of Medicine Committee Reaches “Right and Only Conclusion” By Recommending that Full Range of Contraception..

“After a thorough examination of scientific data, the Institute of Medicine (IOM) committee reached the right and only conclusion by recommending that all contraceptive methods be included as part of women’s preventive care that should be available without added cost under the Affordable Care Act.

Health reform prioritizes preventive care, to keep people healthier for longer and to reduce costs. For women, contraception and birth control services are basic preventive care. They are safe, effective and promote good health. More than half of women of reproductive age — some 36 million women — needed contraceptive services and supplies in 2008, and 17.4 million of them needed publicly funded contraception. For these women, eliminating expensive co-pays is the key to ensuring they have access to the care they need. The IOM’s scientific committee has now recommended doing just that.

A scientific committee has spoken, and the debate over women’s health coverage should end. So, too, should the days when politics trumps science in health care decisions. We urge lawmakers, no matter their personal views, to accept these recommendations. The Department of Health & Human Services must waste no time in adopting the IOM recommendations and ensuring that women are able to access birth control and contraception without fees or co-pays.

America’s women — and everyone who cares about us — owe a debt of gratitude to Senator Barbara Mikulski (D-MD) and to all who joined her in championing the Women’s Health Amendment to health reform. Improving women’s access to family planning and contraception will improve women’s health, reduce unintended pregnancy, and strengthen families. It will help us realize the promise of reform.”

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