Press Statement
Judge Amy Coney Barrett Is A Threat To Civil, Human and Women’s Rights

“President Trump’s decision to nominate Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court less than 10 days after Justice Ginsburg’s passing is disgraceful, but not at all surprising. Since his election in 2016, the President has made it clear that his intention is to appoint judges who will threaten our civil and human liberties. We know Judge Barrett is no different.”

Let’s be clear — anyone who President Trump nominated would put our rights at stake. He has been explicit in his efforts to overturn laws that protect every American’s basic ability to live fruitful lives with equal opportunity. Decades of progress in the form of Roe v. Wade, the Affordable Care Act, the Voting Rights Act and more, are now on the line in the face of this nomination. And, those who stand to lose the most are Black, Brown and Indigenous people, women, the LGBTQ+ community, people with lower incomes and people living with disabilities. These communities have already been battered by the pandemic and will continue to feel the effects of this nomination.

It is not an exaggeration to say we are in the fight of our lives. But we are prepared for this fight. Our work now is to hold Mitch McConnell and the Senate accountable. American families have been pressed from all sides under the weight of an unprecedented pandemic with little to no federal support, and yet, the Senate has found time to fast track a nomination with less than 40 days until the election. As many people across the country have already cast their ballots, we are steadfast in our position that there should be no vote on a nominee until after the inauguration.

We deserve a Court that works for everyone and delivers equal justice for all. This is Our Court, and we’ll fight like hell to maintain its integrity.”

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