Press Statement
Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s Sham Confirmation is Dangerous for the Rights of Women and Families

“Just 30 days ago, President Trump announced the nomination of Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court. Today, Judge Barrett has been confirmed through a sham process mere days before a Presidential election, after millions of people have already voted.

“Today’s shameless power grab is not in the interest of the American people and is a stain on our democratic process. Over 50 million people have cast their ballots and still Senate leaders chose to rush the vetting and confirmation process to benefit their own agenda.

“Despite what Senate leadership wants us to believe, we are clear that this confirmation is part of a last ditch effort to repeal the Affordable Care Act. Just one week after Election Day, the Supreme Court will hear arguments in the Trump administration’s latest attack on the ACA. This effort to dismantle our health care comes in the midst of a global pandemic that is disproportionately killing Black and Brown people. Judge Barrett dodged questions about her position on the Affordable Care Act, but her record tells us she is not on the side of the 23 million Americans who stand to lose coverage if the ACA is repealed, or the nearly 9 million people who have tested positive for the coronavirus.

“On the right to decide whether and when to start a family, Judge Barrett did nothing to walk away from her record of undermining the reproductive freedoms of birthing people. Laws protecting voting rights and workers’ rights also now hang in the balance.

“While we are conscious of the very real and dangerous consequences of this confirmation, we remain steadfast in our commitment to using every avenue available to protect and promote the health and economic security of all people, particularly those who sit at the intersection of structural racism and gender inequality.

“This harm will be felt for years to come, but our fight will not stop. We are encouraged by the millions of Americans who have already cast their ballots and urge those who haven’t to commit to a plan to vote today to make sure your voice is heard. Americans deserve a government that will protect the gains that we have made so far and continue the fight for equity for all people.”

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