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Statement on Historic VP Selection of Kamala Harris, the First Woman of Color on Presidential Ticket

“Vice President Biden’s selection of Senator Kamala Harris for his running mate marks a historic milestone and a significant moment for women and people of color in our country. It recognizes an understanding that presidential nominees must center the needs of people of color and women, needs which have for too long gone ignored and unaddressed by our nation’s politics.

Candidates for office can’t ignore the mobilizing power of women, who in recent years have marched in the streets and demanded a change in our culture, our institutions, and our laws. The gender and racial justice movements are strong, diverse, and vibrant, and with a woman of color on the presidential ticket, we are encouraged that issues impacting the lives of women will remain top of mind.

As the election draws near, it is critical that we hear from the candidates running for our nation’s highest offices on how they will improve the lives of women and their families, including elevating issues of paid family leave, affordable and equitable health care, equal pay and all forms of workplace discrimination.

There is no question, women of color and all women, will play a critical role in deciding the next president of the United States. This election will be a battle over the future of working families and whether we want a country that respects women as equals. And I’m hopeful that we will finally see conversations on the campaign trail about the policies that will promote economic security, health, equality, dignity and success for all people.”

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