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Leading Women’s Group Endorses Sotomayor For U.S. Supreme Court

Citing her commitment to equal justice and privacy rights, outstanding qualifications, vast judicial experience, and the welcome diversity she will bring to our nation’s highest court, the National Partnership for Women & Families today endorsed Judge Sonia Sotomayor to serve as the 111th justice on the U.S. Supreme Court and urged the Senate to act quickly to confirm her.

In a new report, Justice Matters: Senate Should Confirm Sonia Sotomayor, the National Partnership analyzes Judge Sotomayor’s record and accomplishments.  The report looks at her education and legal experience, rulings in civil rights cases, position on reproductive rights, and issues relating to diversity on our federal courts.  It concludes that, “Judge Sonia Sotomayor is a unique and well-qualified candidate whose life history, work experience, and well reasoned rulings show beyond any doubt that she is a jurist of great intellect who is well qualified to serve on the United States Supreme Court.  Through her rulings and her commitment to public service, she has demonstrated a clear commitment to equal justice under the law. The National Partnership for Women & Families applauds President Obama for nominating Judge Sotomayor, and urges the full Senate to move quickly to confirm her.”

“This is a proud moment for the nation,” National Partnership President Debra L. Ness said.  “Judge Sotomayor has triumphed over adversity, and her hard work and keen intellect have deservedly brought her great accomplishment.  But this confirmation is about much more than her personal story.  Judge Sotomayor is eminently qualified and has vast experience as a federal judge, in private practice, and as a prosecutor.  The record shows she gives fair and careful consideration to arguments on both sides of a case, immerses herself in facts and applicable law, and seeks justice above all else in her rulings.  We are confident that she will support the legal principle that a right to privacy exists in the Constitution, and will continue to consider the real-world effects of court rulings.  She will be a strong, welcome addition to the Supreme Court.”

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