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Led by Anti-Choice Extremists, House Again Shows ‘Callous Disregard for Women’s Health’ By Passing Abortion Ban

“In yet another demonstration of callous disregard for women’s health, the House of Representatives today passed a dangerous, unconstitutional, national 20-week abortion ban that is designed to impede women’s access to the reproductive health care they need.

Right now, in Congress and the states, women’s health is under unprecedented attack. In Washington, D.C., and across the country, lawmakers are advancing and passing ‘bad medicine’ laws that interfere with the relationship between women and their health care providers and create barriers to women’s access to reproductive health care. Sadly, anti-choice extremists in the House of Representatives struck another blow today.

The legislation they just passed would establish criminal penalties of up to five years in prison for doctors and other health care providers who deliver safe medical care to women who need it. It would insert politicians into the relationship between women and their health care providers, depriving women of the ability to make extremely personal medical decisions with the people they trust.

It’s past time lawmakers at every level exit the exam room. Today’s vote puts anti-choice ideology ahead of the best interests of women and the country. We deserve better from the lawmakers we count on to govern.”

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