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National Partnership Annual Gala Honors Representatives Deb Haaland and Lauren Underwood, Presents Special Tribute to Ellen Malcom, Founder of EMILY’s List

The National Partnership for Women & Families held its annual gala this evening at the Washington Hilton Hotel. Representatives Deb Haaland (N.M.-1) and Lauren Underwood (Ill.-14) were this year’s distinguished honorees. The event also featured a special tribute to the founder of EMILY’s List, Ellen Malcom, as well as remarks from National Partnership President Debra L. Ness and the Chair of the National Partnership’s board of directors Sharis Arnold Pozen, co-head of the Global Antitrust Practice at Clifford Chance.

This year’s annual gala focused on the interconnected issues facing women today and the policies our country needs to achieve equality for all women. Speakers discussed the attacks on health care, abortion, and workplace protections and the need for comprehensive policies that make life better for our nation’s women and families.

“Whether we can control our fertility and access health care; whether we are penalized at work for bearing children and caring for loved ones; whether we are safe in our jobs, schools and homes; whether we can go to decent schools; land good jobs; get paid fairly for our work; save for retirement, or retire at all — all these issues intersect and shape women’s lives,” said Ness. “These aren’t separate or unrelated issues. They interact and compound each other.”

While noting the hardships women face, Ness also acknowledged important progress and momentum being driven by women.

“Women are claiming their power. We are raising our voices — and we intend to win,” she said. “Despite the odds, we saved the Affordable Care Act. We’re the ones winning paid leave and paid sick days, and protecting abortion care in the states. And women transformed the House of Representatives, making it the most female, most diverse House in our country’s history.”

“This is a time for audacity — a time to be bold,” Ness continued. “Are you ready to fight? Ready to win?”

Karen Finney, CNN political commentator and independent consultant, emceed the gala.

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