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Nation’s Top Family Leave Expert Lauds Commission on Care For Urging Extended Family and Medical Leave for Soldiers’ Families

“We commend the President’s Commission on Care for America’s Returning Wounded Warriors for its thoughtful and valuable recommendations, which can make a real difference for military families and the nation.  We are especially pleased to see that the Commission recommended extending family and medical leave for up to six months for the spouses and parents of seriously injured service members. 

We have long known that workers need job-protected time off when family members face serious health problems.  It is most appropriate to extend that leave for families of service members injured in combat. 

Senators Hillary Rodham Clinton (NY) and Barbara Mikulski (MD) today introduced a bill that would provide service members’ families with the six months of leave the Commission recommends.  That bill would do a tremendous amount to support the families that are doing so much to support our country.  We urge Congress to waste no time in passing it.

Family and medical leave is important to all families facing serious health problems. Lawmakers should be looking to expand family and medical leave, for returning service members and for all Americans.”

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