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‘Nobody Deserves to Live in Limbo, Uncertain and Insecure;’ Women’s Leader Urges Congress to Pass a Clean DREAM Act This Year

“There is simply no excuse for Congress to continue delaying action on the DREAM Act. House and Senate leaders should make it their highest priority to pass a clean DREAM Act in the next two weeks.

Every day Congress fails to act, 122 Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) recipients lose their legal status, which leaves them vulnerable to arrest, detention and deportation, as well as to losing their driver’s licenses and their jobs.

President Trump’s decision to end the DACA program was mean-spirited and indefensible. More than 11,000 DACA recipients have lost their protection from deportation since he did so. These young people, who came to the United States as children, contribute greatly to our economy and our country. DACA allowed them to come out of the shadows and live, study and work in the only country most have ever called home.

Nobody should have to live in limbo — to be uncertain and insecure about their future. DACA recipients deserve the security of knowing their status is secure. These young people embody the American dream and contribute to the rich diversity that has always been one of our country’s greatest strengths. The DACA program is popular with voters across party lines — and treating immigrant communities fairly is essential to creating a society that is free, fair and just, where nobody experiences discrimination and all families can thrive. We stand with DREAMers in demanding that Congress end the inexcusable delays and pass a clean DREAM Act now.”

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