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Obama Plan for Economic Growth is on the Right Track, Women’s Leader Says

“In these tough economic times, when enormous challenges and the hardest of choices are before us, establishing priorities is more important than ever. President Obama’s Plan for Economic Growth and Deficit Reduction is a move in the right direction. It can help begin to address America’s economic problems while prioritizing the health and economic survival of older and low-income women and others who are more vulnerable than ever in this recession.

The Plan for Economic Growth and Deficit Reduction takes a balanced approach by preserving the benefits that older and low-income women rely on — while building on the smart, innovative approaches in the Affordable Care Act to spend our health care dollars more wisely. We applaud the president’s powerful commitment to reject all proposals that would address the deficit on the backs of our most vulnerable citizens. In particular, we are pleased that the proposal does not change the eligibility age for Medicare, and we welcome his proposals to eliminate wasteful spending and find greater savings in prescription drug spending. We also applaud President Obama’s rejection of cuts to Social Security and his recognition of the importance of Social Security and Medicaid to the well-being of women and families.

We must not renege on Medicare’s promise of financial stability for millions of older women — now or in the future – and we must recognize that people living in or near poverty need a Medicaid safety net that is strong and durable. President Obama’s plan is on the right track.”

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