It’s Equal Pay Day — and even the White House has a gender pay gap – The 19th

“There is no panacea. Assuming everybody is operating in good faith and nobody is intentionally trying to underpay people, the reality of how our economy and workplaces are built is that women are often in the jobs that pay less, they’re segregated into those jobs and it’s harder for them to get into the jobs people might view as nontraditional or the leadership positions,” Frye said. “This is a workforce-wide phenomenon.”

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The State of the Union for Women

“This is the latest example of far-right extremists using the courts to attack the rights of women and all pregnant people. The legal reasoning put forward by Judge Hendrix, a Trump appointee, is deeply problematic…

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REPORT: 76% of workers do not have access to paid leave – WFLA

“Jocelyn C. Frye, president of the NPWF, says there is a clear connection between states offering protections to paid family leave and the wages women see in those states. “In states where workers have access to paid family and medical leave, we see that women have better wages, companies experience higher staff retention rates, and people are better able to support themselves and their families,” Frye said. “Paid family and medical leave is a cornerstone in a society where everyone is able to reach their full potential.””

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