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Pelosi Announcement Marks End of an Extraordinary Chapter

“The National Partnership applauds Speaker Nancy Pelosi as she concludes a historic chapter in her remarkable career. She is a visionary trailblazer who has served as a role model not only for women, but also for all those who seek to lead with strength, dignity, intelligence, and compassion.

We are all indebted to Speaker Pelosi for her fierce and unrelenting advocacy on the issues that matter deeply to women, from caregiving to abortion access to equal pay. Speaker Pelosi championed vital policies to protect the health and well-being of women and families, including her historic roles in enacting landmark legislation such as the Affordable Care Act, the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, and the Inflation Reduction Act, and in guiding our nation through crises such as the Great Recession, the COVID-19 pandemic, and the January 6th insurrection. No matter the challenge, Speaker Pelosi never backed down and never gave up.

Speaker Pelosi entered Congress when there were just 23 other women serving in the House of Representatives. Today, as she lays down the speaker’s gavel, there are 127 women – many of whom were inspired by her example.

The United States is a fairer, stronger, and more just nation because of the courage, grace, and service of Nancy Pelosi. Although Speaker Pelosi is stepping down from her leadership role, we know her work is far from finished. The National Partnership looks forward to continuing to work together with her to accomplish the people’s work.”


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