Press Statement
President Biden’s Historic Budget Takes a Stand for Women & Families

“Today, President Biden released his first budget as president, proving that budgets are indeed moral documents. In the midst of an unprecedented crisis that exacerbated our nation’s structural inequities and racism, this document aims to right long standing wrongs that harm America’s women and families.

“The President’s bold and brave stance to remove the archaic Hyde Amendment and other abortion coverage bans from his budget, means that for the first time in decades we have a presidential budget that will not restrict people from using Medicaid funds to pay for abortion care. For too long the Hyde Amendment and related abortion coverage bans have targeted people of color struggling to make ends meet, denying them the right to make their own decisions on whether to parent, and to do so on their terms and with dignity. The same people who are most harmed by abortion restrictions are also bearing the brunt of this pandemic and systemic racism every day. They continue to be undermined by overlaid crises and systemic inequities that jeopardize their economic security and ability to thrive. The Hyde Amendment belongs in the dustbin of history and we thank the Biden Administration for the courage and conviction to do what is right in the face of intense, often violent, anti-abortion opposition led by a small number of out of touch individuals and politicians.

“When it comes to pregnancy and parenting, we all want to make the best decisions for our families and ourselves so that we can thrive; thriving means financial security, health, happiness, respect, equality and access to opportunities to improve our lives. This budget with its inclusion of the American Jobs Plan and the American Family Plan puts a down payment on that future.”

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