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President’s Executive Order Shows Need for Strong Supports to Help Families Thrive

Statement of Jocelyn Frye, President of the National Partnership for Women & Families

WASHINGTON, D.C. – April 18, 2023 – “The National Partnership for Women & Families applauds the Biden administration for taking an important next step toward improving caregiving supports, the quality of care jobs and the lives of caregivers in this country. Following the historic investments in paid family and medical leave contained in this administration’s most recent budget request, today’s announcement of more than 50 directives in an executive order aimed at improving support for caregivers and care workers demonstrates President Biden’s serious commitment to centering care in order to build a stronger economy.

“With today’s announcement, the Biden administration focuses important attention on the significant harms experienced by women and their families when there’s too little support for family caregivers – including the financial harm they suffer from losing or having to walk away from a job. Women of color, care workers and disabled women bear the brunt of this lack of support – and it comes at a cost that far too many families feel for generations. Care jobs are among the top jobs held by Black, multiracial, Native and disabled women, and are also among the lowest paid. Strong workforce policies to improve their working conditions and secure better pay will go a long way toward righting the wrongs these women, in particular, have faced for far too long.

“The Biden administration and the entire Federal Government are setting an important example by taking a comprehensive approach to addressing care needs, laying out strategies to provide support to caregivers, whether they provide care in their personal or professional lives. Collectively these action steps – including greater investments in affordable care options, improving job quality for long term care workers, increasing access to home care support for veterans – are much needed and overdue. But if implemented swiftly and correctly, and paired with the right policies, they will help make meaningful progress on forging an economy that works better for all families.”

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