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Rebuild America Act is the “Powerful Legislative Package America’s Working Families Need,” Women’s Leader Says

“Today’s introduction of the Rebuild America Act by Senator Tom Harkin (D-Iowa) is a welcome and badly needed opportunity for Congress to focus on restoring economic growth and rebuilding the middle class. By addressing inequality and prioritizing the creation of good jobs that allow workers to provide for their families and manage their responsibilities at home and at work, the bill constitutes a powerful legislative package that America’s working families desperately need.

Every day in this country, countless workers have to choose between their health and their families’ economic security because they don’t have access to basic workplace protections like paid sick days. More than 44 million workers in the United States are faced with this impossible choice. That is why we are so pleased to see that the Rebuild America Act includes the text of the Healthy Families Act, a bill that would give hardworking people the right to earn paid sick days and provide families with much-needed financial stability.

But the bill doesn’t stop there. In addition to guaranteeing workers’ access to paid sick time, the Rebuild America Act would raise the minimum wage, protect overtime pay and workers’ right to stand together, and fund investments in education, child care and infrastructure. It is an ambitious, comprehensive bill that addresses the real issues facing America’s families. It would surely go a long way in moving the country forward.

We commend Senator Harkin for introducing this bill and highlighting the need to invest in our nation’s hardworking families, and for his longstanding leadership on workers’ rights issues. Congress must now follow his lead by giving the Rebuild America Act the consideration and support it rightfully deserves. America’s working families need it now.”

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