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Relentless Attack on Women’s Health Continues in the House

“Today the House of Representatives continued its relentless attack on women’s health by passing legislation that is designed to end insurance coverage of abortion. By raising taxes on small businesses and consumers who choose health plans that cover the full range of women’s reproductive services, this bill would incentivize employers to drop plans that cover abortion services and insurance companies to drop abortion coverage altogether.

The intent of this legislation is clear. Its goal is to make it so burdensome to offer abortion coverage that women lose that coverage. If enacted, it would further restrict access to abortion care for low- and middle-income women. A woman’s access to abortion services should not be determined by her income.

This bill does not represent the nation’s priorities and it’s unfortunate that House leaders opted to use their limited time on the House floor to attack women’s health. The House should work to improve the health and economic security of women and their families. In the United States today, women are both caregivers and breadwinners. We need our representatives to come together to advance legislation that helps make women healthy and our workplaces more fair and family friendly, including the FAMILY Act, the Healthy Families Act, the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act, the Women’s Health Protection Act and the Paycheck Fairness Act. We urge the Senate to reject this harmful legislation.”

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