Press Statement
Remembering Civil Rights Leader Vernon Jordan

“We mourn the passing of Vernon Jordan, a civil rights icon, and a counsel and mentor to so many leaders and organizations over the years, including the National Partnership. His incredible wisdom and unrelenting passion for racial and gender equity made him a force like no other.

The measurable impact of Jordan’s legacy is felt deeply within the history of the National Partnership. His counsel in the earliest days of our organization proved invaluable as we fought against gender discrimination. Jordan served as one of our first corporate leaders, advising the National Partnership in our efforts to advance progressive policies for women and their families.

We feel the weight of his work especially today, as the nation works to heal wounds of racial injustice that persist in society. As we continue to battle voter suppression tactics that impact our most marginalized citizens, we have Jordan to thank for the progress we’ve made thus far in making sure that every vote is counted and every voice is heard. Jordan, who devoted his early years as a lawyer to voter registration efforts in the South, spent his life educating and advising others on the extent to which discrimination of all kinds damages the lives of so many Americans.

We admired him for his clarity of vision of a more fair and just nation. Our hearts are with his family and loved ones as we work to advance his legacy of an America that lives up to its values for every member of our society.”

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