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“Schedules That Work Act” Provides Greater Economic Security for Workers and Their Families

“When working people do not know when they are scheduled to work, or for how many hours, it results in uncertainty that impacts their ability to provide for themselves and their families. Unpredictable and unstable schedules are especially harmful to people of color and workers who are paid low wages or work in industries such as retail, food service and cleaning where they are more likely to be subject to “just-in-time” scheduling practices. That is why the reintroduction of the Schedules That Work Act in Congress today is an important step toward allowing all workers to achieve economic stability and security.

We thank lead sponsor Rep. Rosa DeLauro (D-Conn.) for championing a bill that would provide hourly workers with two weeks’ notice of work schedules and compensation for shift changes, among other protections. We also applaud bill sponsors for improving the legislation by extending protections to hospitality and warehouse employees and adding a provision that will discourage employers from scheduling “clopening” shifts.

By giving workers more control over their schedules, encouraging employers to be clear about scheduling and hours expectations, and ensuring employers provide some wages when schedules are irregular or change on short notice, the Schedules That Work Act would provide much-needed predictability and financial stability to working people and their families.

We commend the members of Congress who are championing the bill and urge all members to support this common sense proposal.”

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