Press Statement
‘Senate Confirmation of Gorsuch a Serious Setback for the Country’

“The country suffered a serious setback today when a president who was elected by a minority of voters teamed with cynical Senate leaders to change longstanding rules in order to confirm Judge Neil Gorsuch to a lifetime appointment on the U.S. Supreme Court. Judge Gorsuch could not reach the 60-vote threshold because of his fundamental hostility to reproductive rights, his pattern of siding with corporations over people, and his history of issuing anti-worker rulings that can only be described as callous and insensitive. He is far outside the mainstream of legal thinking in this country and deserved to be rejected.

We thank every senator who stood strong for our rights and liberties throughout this fight by opposing the appalling rules change and rejecting confirmation of Judge Gorsuch, who is wrong for the Court and wrong for the country.

What the Senate did today is a setback for women’s health and rights, for efforts to stop discrimination in all its forms, and for the work to advance fairness and equality in our country.

This is a shameful chapter in our history and another painful reminder that Senate leaders are beholden to special interests – corporations and opponents of women’s health and rights.”

A report by the National Partnership on Judge Gorsuch is available here.

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