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Senate Judiciary Committee Vote is ‘Alarming,’ Women’s Leader Says, Urging Senate to Reject Gorsuch

“Today’s Senate Judiciary Committee vote is alarming because it puts Judge Neil Gorsuch, who has a disturbing record on women’s health and workplace fairness, one step closer to a lifetime appointment on the U.S. Supreme Court.

Across the country, people are raising their voices against Judge Gorsuch because he is wrong for the Court and wrong for the country. Judge Gorsuch is far outside the mainstream of legal thinking in our nation. He has interpreted the law to narrow women’s reproductive rights and has ruled consistently against employees seeking to vindicate their rights, at times in ways that can only be described as callous and grossly insensitive.

The focus now shifts to the full Senate. Judge Gorsuch’s record clearly indicates that he would rule to make our country less fair for women, people of color, immigrants, LGBTQ individuals and all those who face discrimination; that he would pose a real threat to abortion rights; and that he would undermine, rather than continue, the progress toward equality for all.

President Trump nominated Judge Gorsuch to fulfill his promise to appoint a justice who would overturn Roe v. Wade – one of the most important rulings in our nation’s history. That must not happen. We call on every Senator who cares about women’s health, about stopping discrimination, about making good on our country’s fundamental promise of fairness and equality for all, to reject this nominee. Our laws and lives depend on blocking his confirmation.”

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