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Senate’s Failure to Invoke Cloture on Liu Nomination a “Bitter Disappointment,” Women’s Leader Says

“After nearly 15 months of obstructionist tactics, the Senate’s failure to close debate and hold an up or down vote on the nomination of Goodwin Liu to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit today is a bitter disappointment and a clear sign that our judicial process has fallen victim to partisan politics — at the expense of equal opportunity and justice.

Goodwin Liu is an eminently qualified nominee with impeccable academic and legal credentials, a mainstream judicial philosophy and a well-respected commitment to equality. His demonstrated integrity and fair-mindedness would make him an outstanding addition the court. Today’s vote had nothing to do with the merits of his nomination or record and everything to do with political strategy.

Highly qualified nominees like Goodwin Liu must be confirmed, particularly when we have an unprecedented and escalating number of vacancies on the federal bench. We urge the Senate to put politics aside and prioritize the objective consideration and confirmation of qualified judicial nominees. Continuing the political stall tactics will further threaten our courts and mean greater delays for Americans awaiting justice.”

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