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The Best Mother’s Day Gifts From Lawmakers

To mark Mother’s Day, the National Partnership for Women & Families has released a new resource, The Best Mother’s Day Gifts From Congress: Policies Moms Need to Thrive. The fact sheet lays out what moms and working women need from lawmakers this Mother’s Day and calls on Congress to support policies that will improve maternal health outcomes for all women, ensure access to comprehensive reproductive health care, and create fairer, safer workplaces so that moms and families can have the economic stability they need to thrive.

The National Partnership outlines some of the legislative solutions Congress should pass including:

  • The MOMMA’s Act, the MOMS Act, the MOMMIES Act and the Quality Care for Moms and Babies Act.
  • The EACH Woman Act
  • The FAMILY Act
  • The Healthy Families Act
  • The EMPOWER Act
  • The BE HEARD in the Workplace Act
  • The Pregnant Workers Fairness Act
  • The Paycheck Fairness Act
  • The Women’s Health Protection Act

“Flowers, chocolate, and breakfast in bed are nice, but moms and working women need and deserve so much more on Mother’s Day and throughout the year,” said Debra L. Ness, president of the National Partnership. “While our country claims to value mothers and families, in reality our policies are making childbirth more dangerous, pushing working moms out of the labor force, perpetuating a punishing gender wage gap and blocking people from deciding when and if to become a mother. Women and mothers have proved over and over again — including in last year’s historic midterm elections — that they are a political force. We urge members of Congress to practice the family values that they preach and take action to improve the health, economic security and overall well-being of America’s moms.”

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