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Trump Rule Means More Sabotage, More Discrimination, More Women & Families With Junk Health Plans That Will Fail Them When They Need Coverage Most

“By finalizing its dangerous, discriminatory short-term, limited-duration insurance rule, the Trump administration is bringing hardship and suffering to millions of women and families who will purchase junk plans that discriminate in pricing, fail to cover essential women’s health services such as birth control and maternity care, and deny purchasers the consumer protections all families need and deserve. President Trump’s victory in finding another way to sabotage our health care is the country’s very great loss.

Short-term, limited-duration plans are designed to provide temporary health insurance during unexpected gaps in coverage and they do not have to comply with the ACA’s core provisions. The new rule will exacerbate problems with these plans, causing more women to fall victim to predatory practices and putting millions of people at risk of purchasing skimpy, junk plans that leave them in the lurch when they need coverage the most. These inadequate plans exclude coverage for pre-existing conditions, discriminate based on gender and gender identity, have high out-of-pocket costs and impose annual and lifetime limits on coverage. One study found that no short-term plans cover maternity care.

The Trump administration’s relentless, unethical campaign to sabotage the ACA — the greatest advance for women’s health in a generation — is truly shameful. Rules like the one the Trump administration finalized today open the door for bringing discrimination back to health insurance. This is a sad day for America’s health.”

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