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‘Turn Back Now,’ Women’s Leader Urges Congress, Warning That GOP Tax Plan Includes a ‘Sham Paid Leave Proposal’ and ‘Will Bring a Very Real Attack on the Safety Net’

“This is a moment of truth for our nation’s lawmakers, when they have to decide whether to advance a GOP tax plan that is a windfall for the wealthy that will bring a very real attack on the safety net and have a devastating impact on the middle class and the most vulnerable people in our communities.

The plan also includes a sham paid leave provision that has little chance of helping the millions of families who are struggling without paid leave. The provision makes employers that provide as little as two weeks of leave at partial pay eligible for a small end-of-the-year tax credit. The measure is nothing more than another corporate giveaway. And it only lasts for two years, so it won’t incentivize the lasting change we urgently need.

Our country’s failure to make paid family and medical leave available to all workers is a tremendously debilitating problem that demands a real, meaningful solution. Anyone who suggests that the GOP tax plan’s paid leave provision is the solution the nation needs is misleading the public.

Furthermore, the GOP tax plan’s child care changes are paltry for families with lower incomes and fall far short of what working families need.

The Republican tax plan also will take health coverage away from 13 million people. And by slashing the tax rate for the wealthiest people and corporations, the plan will starve the government of resources it needs to provide health care, food, education, housing, disaster relief and much more.

We urge Congress to turn back now, put the interests of working families first and reject this tax plan.”

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