Press Statement
Who Matters to the Majority in the House of Representatives?

“In light of the votes we have seen today, and what the House is poised to do tomorrow, the nation cannot help but ask that question.

The House has declared war on women, voting time and again — including today — to defund Planned Parenthood, which provides essential preventive health services to millions of women, and to undermine women’s health care.

The House has tried repeatedly — including today — to defund the Affordable Care Act, which is helping millions of Americans afford and access quality health care.

And tomorrow, the House seems poised to pass a budget proposal authored by Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) that would cause incalculable harm to women and families, seniors, working people and every person who relies — or may someday rely — on government services.

The draconian Ryan proposal would repeal critical health insurance protections and bring back petty and punitive insurance practices, dismantle Medicare and Medicaid, widen the donut hole, cut food assistance, and put Social Security at risk. It would devastate every woman and every family struggling in this recession. It would put our oldest, sickest and most vulnerable citizens in harm’s way.

Now more than ever, America needs the Senate to stand strong against the House’s callous agenda. We urge every Senator to oppose every effort to defund Planned Parenthood and the Affordable Care Act, and to oppose every budget proposal that would harm women, families, seniors, people struggling financially, and others who rely on government programs. We must not allow extremists in the House of Representatives to fundamentally transform the role of government and deny essential, life-saving services to those in need.”

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