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Women’s Health Leader Urges Congress to Reject H.R. 4628, Protect Women’s Preventive Health Care

National Partnership for Women & Families President Debra L. Ness today urged every member of the House of Representatives to reject H.R. 4628, calling it a “cynical ploy” to use critical women’s health dollars to stop the increase in interest rates on student loans.

“We need to both keep student loans affordable and fund the preventive health care that women urgently need,” Ness said. “Using one to pay for the other is a cynical and politically-motivated ploy. Women need the preventive health services that the Prevention and Public Health Fund supports. Its funds are used to prevent chronic disease, HIV/AIDS and obesity, support immunizations, and provide services for pregnant women and new mothers — all badly needed, cost-effective services that improve health and save money over time.”

“It’s time for Congress to stop using women’s health as a bargaining chip,” Ness continued. “Every member should reject this false choice between supporting women’s health and helping students afford college.”

The Interest Rate Reduction Act, H.R. 4628, was introduced by Representative Judy Biggert (R-IL). The House has scheduled a vote on it this afternoon.

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