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Women’s Leader Commends Senate for Confirming EEOC Nominees Charlotte Burrows and David Lopez, Calling Them “Experienced Champions of Our Nation’s Civil Rights Laws”

“The U.S. Senate’s votes today to confirm two important U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) nominees will help ensure that the agency’s critical work to promote equal opportunity for women and all workers continues. Charlotte Burrows will make an outstanding EEOC commissioner, and David Lopez’s reappointment as general counsel is both wise and well deserved.

Burrows has clearly demonstrated her commitment to upholding the law and advancing employment opportunities for women and all workers as a seasoned trial attorney, counsel to key U.S. Senate committees, and associate deputy attorney general at the Justice Department. Lopez’s dedication to public service, 20-year career with the EEOC, and tremendously successful management of its trial program, make him exceptionally qualified to oversee the agency’s litigation work.

The EEOC is an essential agency in protecting individuals from employment discrimination and promoting workplace equality. The National Partnership commends the senators who voted to approve these two highly respected and experienced champions of our nation’s civil rights laws. We look forward to their continued work to advance our nation’s commitment to equal opportunity.”

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