Press Statement
Women’s Leader on Kavanaugh Vote: Lawmakers Must ‘Put People Over Party’

“The confirmation hearing that begins today takes place under the worst of circumstances. The Senate Judiciary Committee will consider Judge Brett Kavanaugh, a nominee with a deeply troubling record who was selected by a president who has been implicated in a criminal investigation that may well come before the court Kavanaugh seeks to join. And this hearing will be forever tainted because the Republican majority refuses to release critically important records on Kavanaugh’s work.

Senate Judiciary Committee members must not allow Judge Kavanaugh to confuse or conceal his views at this hearing. We know the ugly truth. His confirmation would extend President Trump’s shameful agenda and endanger affordable health coverage for 67 million women with pre-existing conditions. It would further diminish or destroy our right to abortion and access to abortion care, endangering women’s health, autonomy, dignity and economic security. It would tip the balance of power on our highest court even further in favor of the wealthiest corporations and individuals. It would deny working people the right to a workplace free from discrimination. It would mean women’s rights, civil rights, immigrants’ rights, LGBTQ rights, disability rights and environmental justice are eroded or erased. It would mean the voting rights that are the foundation of our democracy are lost.

The Senate’s vote on Judge Kavanaugh will affect our laws and lives for decades. To be confirmed, a nominee must have a deep commitment to equal rights, privacy and fairness, so our highest court will be a place where everyone can get justice, and no one is above the law, including the president. Judge Kavanaugh does not come close to meeting that criteria.

The country will be watching. Senators must put people over party and refuse to confirm Judge Kavanaugh. The vote they cast will shape each of their legacies.”

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