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Women’s Leader Says Obama Speech Offered the “Right Agenda at the Right Time”

“The sixth time was the charm. President Obama has delivered spectacular speeches before, but his sixth State of the Union address was an immensely powerful, resounding call for the programs and policies the nation’s working families urgently need. From child care to paid sick days to fair pay to overtime to the minimum wage, and much more, the president laid out an agenda that would, indeed, make a huge and meaningful difference for America’s families. It also would strengthen our economy and our country. He is right that every one of these issues is a national economic priority. This is the right agenda at the right time for this country.

The president noted tonight that more people are now insured than ever before. That accomplishment deserves more attention. No working family can ever prosper and thrive if they are one illness or injury away from losing their economic security, or at risk of losing their health insurance when they need it most. The Affordable Care Act changed all that. It is a huge accomplishment for which President Obama deserves thanks.

The president said it well when he said to members of Congress: ‘Surely we can agree that every woman should have access to the health care she needs.’ With the House threatening to pass a national abortion ban on the anniversary of Roe v. Wade this week, we urge Congress to embrace that simple sentiment and reject anti-choice extremism. Anything less is unworthy of our country.

The values that underlie President Obama’s agenda are the values that make this country strong. He has delivered powerful speeches in the past, but this one comes after his administration has delivered a series of executive actions that are making our workplaces more fair and family friendly. There is no question that hardworking Americans have a true and tireless champion in the White House. We hope every member of Congress will reject partisanship and put the best interests of families first. The nation will be much better off if they do.”

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