The Affordable Care Act at One

| Mar 25, 2011

This week is the first anniversary of the Affordable Care Act – the greatest advance for women’s health in a generation.

This law is helping me, my 97-year-old mother, my daughters and granddaughter. It’s making care more affordable, more secure, and more responsive to women’s needs at all stages of our lives.

And it’s giving families the security they need to avoid financial devastation when illness strikes.

It saddens me that opponents are keeping up their relentless, baseless attacks instead of joining with us to make the health care system work for all of us.

I wrote a piece about it that’s running on Kaiser Health News. I hope you’ll read it and tell me what you think. Also check out our new fact sheets on the health reform law and how it affects women, older women and lower-income women.

And take a look at our Campaign for Better Care, which is doing incredible work to make sure reform is implemented in ways that will help the sickest, most vulnerable patients – who often are older women.

~ Judy