Judith L. Lichtman
Gotcha? Hardly!

We Must All Become Advocates

We can – and will – continue to make progress toward a more fair and family friendly nation by winning the fight for policies like the FAMILY Act. But it’s going to take hard work. And we must all become advocates. 

Gotcha? Hardly!

The Pursuit of Justice is Not Over

Today, the Supreme Court ruled that the women of Wal-Mart cannot proceed as a group as they challenge the company’s discriminatory pay and promotion practices. It was a disappointing day for the women involved in the case and for all of us who are fighting for fair pay and fair opportunities for advancement for America’s women. But today’s decision is not the end.

Gotcha? Hardly!

It’s Politics v. Science. Again.

It’s a fact: Contraceptive use improves overall health. It enables women to plan and space their pregnancies. It has contributed to dramatic declines in maternal and infant mortality. And it has been a driving force in reducing unintended pregnancies and the need for abortion.

Gotcha? Hardly!

The Power of Three

It’s the first Monday in October, and the Supreme Court convenes today for a new term. But this term is different from all others because, today for the first time ever, three women are serving together on our highest court. It is significant — momentous — that one-third of the Court is female, even though that fraction does not yet represent our proportion of the population. But it is a sign of progress that was once almost unimaginable for me and most of my peers.

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