UPDATE: Speaker Quinn Won’t Move on NYC Paid Sick Time Act

by | Oct 14, 2010 | Blog Post

City Council Speaker Christine Quinn’s decision to oppose the New York City Paid Sick Time Act — despite a supermajority in the City Council that is in favor of the bill — is incredibly disappointing.

Bowing to scare tactics and despite evidence to the contrary, Quinn’s decision is a costly one for more than one million workers in New York City who do not have a single paid sick day, including most employees in the food service industry and most low-wage workers. Workers without paid sick days are forced to put their jobs and economic security at risk every time they need to take time off to recover from illness or care for a sick family member.

The Paid Sick Time Act would address this problem, and the bill’s lead sponsor Councilwoman Gale Brewer pledges to continue the fight.