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In “Momentous, Historic Achievement,” New York City Council Paves the Way for One Million Workers to Earn Paid Sick Days

“The New York City Council’s 45-3 vote today to pass a measure that will guarantee approximately one million workers can earn paid sick days is a historic and momentous achievement in the effort to ensure all workers have this fundamental right. Mayor Bloomberg should support working families and promote the city’s health by signing this bill.

For four years, a strong and dedicated coalition of workers, business owners, advocates and lawmakers has been fighting to bring paid sick days to New York City. Their success chips away at the more than 40 million workers in this country who struggle without paid sick days, and builds on the success of paid sick days laws in Connecticut, San Francisco, Washington, D.C., Seattle and, soon, Portland, Oregon.

There is undeniable momentum for paid sick days in this country, and New York City should be the push Congress needs to pass a federal standard. The Healthy Families Act has been introduced in Congress, and 86 percent of voters say they support a national paid sick days standard like the one it would provide.

We commend the strong coalition that made this victory in New York City possible, and every member of the City Council who voted to allow workers to earn paid sick days. With this historic win, the nation is closer to the day when no worker has to choose between health, family and job.”

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