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Republican Victory in ACA Case Being Argued in Texas Today Would ‘Bring More Suffering and Sickness’ to Our Country

“The irresponsible, dangerous Republican quest to take health insurance coverage away from people with pre-existing conditions continues today in a Texas courtroom, with a district court judge hearing oral arguments in Texas v. Azar. Attorneys General and governors from 20 Republican-led states are asking the judge to rule the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA’s) individual mandate unconstitutional and to throw out the entire law. Their success would be the country’s great, grave loss, with millions of people potentially losing their health coverage and their access to health care.

President Trump’s Department of Justice acted shamefully by refusing to fully defend the ACA in this case, so we now look to California Attorney General Xavier Becerra, and allies from 16 other states, to defend a law on which so many lives depend. A ruling for the plaintiffs could overturn essential protections for the 67 million women and girls with pre-existing conditions. It could mean that young people are no longer covered on their parents’ health plans, women lose or pay much more for maternity coverage, and women are once again charged more than men for the same insurance plans. It could mean millions of women and families face annual and lifetime limits on their plans, losing their health coverage when they need it most — and that millions of people lose coverage altogether or won’t get the financial help that makes their coverage affordable.

Without question, a Republican victory in this case will bring more suffering and sickness, and make us a less healthy nation. That is why an overwhelming majority of people want to protect the ACA.

The very week this case is being argued in Texas, the Senate is holding hearings to decide whether to confirm Judge Brett Kavanaugh to a lifetime appointment on our highest court. Kavanaugh has repeatedly voiced opposition to the ACA and criticized Chief Justice Roberts for his decision to uphold the law. If Kavanaugh is confirmed, he could well decide the ACA’s fate – and that would be a real catastrophe for our country.”

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