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State Abortion Bans Threaten 6.5 Million Latinas: Largest Group of Women of Color Living Under Bans

New Analysis Details Ways Overturn of Roe v. Wade Harms Latinas

WASHINGTON, D.C. – November 1, 2022 – Latinas are the largest group of women of color living under current or likely abortion bans. Nearly 6.5 million Latinas-42 percent of them between 15 and 49 years old live in the 26 states that have banned or are likely to ban abortion. Roughly half are already mothers. And close to three million of them are already economically insecure. The report, covered exclusively by NBC, was published by the National Partnership for Women & Families and the National Latina Institute for Reproductive Justice.

Sinsi Hernández-Cancio, vice-president for health justice at the National Partnership for Women & Families, said abortion bans worsened a bad situation. “We know that by every measure, Latinas face immense barriers to health care, from lack of access to care to discrimination and bias in the health system when we can access care. Abortion bans are piling harm on top of a legacy of forced sterilization and other abuses Latinas have suffered. And the damage doesn’t stop there but will have negative consequences for families’ health, well-being and life chances.”

“This new research confirms that the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade has devastated the country, and the impact has fallen hardest on Latinas/xs. Bans on abortion care harm our communities and families and do nothing to protect anyone’s health or safety,” said Candace Gibson, Director of Government Relations at the National Latina Institute for Reproductive Justice. “At the Latina Institute, we believe that each person has the right to decide if and when to become a parent. We will keep fighting for access to reproductive health care, including abortion care, with dignity and justice for everyone in our communities.”

Shaina Goodman, Director for Reproductive Health and Rights for the National Partnership, said that abortion bans have a negative multiplier effect. “Denying pregnant people access to abortion care adversely affects everything from their health to their economic stability to their educational advancement. The numbers don’t lie. Previous studies have shown that women denied abortion care are far more likely to be pushed further into poverty. These bans are hurting people in real and lasting ways.”

State Abortion Bans Threaten 6.5 Million Latinas

Co-authors: Katherine Gallagher Robbins, Candace Gibson and Shaina Goodman.

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