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Top Work/Family Expert Commends Harkin, DeLauro for Introducing Healthy Families Act, Urges Congress to Quickly Pass Bill

“I believe that everyone should be able to take care of themselves and their families if they are sick without having to worry about losing their jobs. Too many of our workers, especially those who work in the food service industry, where health is so critical, are unable to do this. And simply showing up to work when you are sick, known as ‘presenteeism,’ costs employers a staggering $160 billion a year in lost productivity,” said Congresswoman DeLauro. “It is in the best interests of our nation, and especially our families, to ensure American workers have access to paid sick days.”

San Francisco and the District of Columbia have successfully implemented paid sick days laws, and other cities and states are considering doing the same. Legislation to guarantee workers a minimum standard of paid sick days is advancing in Philadelphia. New York City‟s paid sick days bill has strong support in the City Council, although it has run into political roadblocks. And this week, advocates in Denver announced a paid sick days ballot initiative, and a campaign in support of a paid sick days bill in Seattle launched. Seven state legislatures are also considering paid sick days legislation this year.

The National Partnership leads a diverse coalition that supports the Healthy Families Act. It includes children‟s, civil rights, women‟s, disability, faith-based, community and anti-poverty groups as well as labor unions, health advocates and leading researchers at top academic institutions.

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