Paid Leave

Called to Care

Too often in our country’s history, the ability to take time to care for yourself and others while maintaining your economic security has been predominantly reserved for the white and wealthy few. Yet, it is through providing care for one another that we knit together the bonds of our families and communities.

Conoce tus derechos: Permisos pagados por enfermedad y permisos para cuidado infantil durante el coronavirus

La pandemia del coronavirus está afectando a casi todo el país y la Ley de Respuesta al Coronavirus ‘Familias Primero’ (FFCRA) les da a muchos trabajadores el derecho a solicitar permisos pagados por enfermedad y permisos familiares pagados en caso de algunas situaciones sanitarias y familiares asociadas con el coronavirus, incluyendo cuarentenas y cuidado infantil.

Map: Paid Leave and Paid Sick Days Laws Are Helping More Than 46 Million People Better Care and Provide for Their Families

Ten states, the District of Columbia and 22 other jurisdictions have or will soon have paid sick days laws in effect, and eight states and the District of Columbia have enacted paid family and medical leave laws. In total, more than 46 million people in the private sector workforce are legally protected by either paid leave or paid sick days laws, or both.

Meeting the Promise of Paid Leave

Meeting the Promise of Paid Leave: Best Practices in State Paid Leave Implementation, presented by the National Partnership for Women & Families in partnership with Main Street Alliance, the National Center for Children in Poverty and Dr. Sarah Jane Glynn. This...

Raising Expectations

Every day across the country, millions of working people face the heartbreaking choice of worrying about losing a job or a paycheck in order to take time off to care for a new child or ill loved one or deal with a serious personal medical need or short-term illness.

Expecting Better

The National Partnership’s Expecting Better report is the most comprehensive analysis to date of state laws and regulations governing paid leave, paid sick days, protections for pregnant workers and other workplace rights for new and expecting parents in the United States.