Reproductive Rights

State Abortion Bans Threaten 6.5 Million Latinas

The decision to overturn Roe v. Wade has harmed millions of people across the nation, impeding their access to abortion, disrupting their economic futures, and putting their health and even their lives at risk. The impact of this decision is particularly harmful for women of color, who are less likely to have insurance and face greater economic barriers to accessing abortion. The Dobbs decision has unique impacts on Latina communities.

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Access, Autonomy and Dignity

The issue briefs in this series explore four important areas of reproductive health, rights, and justice for people with disabilities: access to abortion, access to contraception, healthy sexuality and sex education, and the right to parent.

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Clean Water and Reproductive Justice: Lack of Access Harms Women of Color

Many communities across the country cannot trust the safety of their water and cannot afford to pay more for cleaner water. Frequently, Black, Latinx, Asian American and Pacific Islander communities, lower-income communities, rural communities, and communities living at the intersections of these identities struggle daily to access safe, affordable water, and their health is disproportionately harmed as a result.

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