Economic Justice

State of the Union for Women

The National Partnership for Women & Families and Paid Leave for All created a this new map to show that in all of the states that have taken extreme measures to ban abortion, none of those states offer paid family leave.

Transforming Health Care to Achieve Equity

Transforming Health Care to Achieve Equity

The foundation of how health care is paid for is being rewritten right now. Government decision-makers and health care industry leaders from across the country are working to shift health care payment from paying for volume, called fee for service (FFS), to paying for value, called value-based payment (VBP).

Rejecting Business as Usual

Black women workers are a critical backbone of the economy. As demonstrated during the COVID-19 pandemic, women were the majority of essential workers who continued to work during the pandemic, providing vital services and sustaining the nation’s economy throughout the public health emergency. Black women disproportionately work in many of these essential roles